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Increasing Prevalence

Increasing the Prevalence of COPD


If the practice wishes to increase prevalence quickly then screen all asthma, diabetic and
cardiac patients who are smokers or ex-smokers when they routinely attend the clinics:

1. Patient > 35yrs old and well and either a smoker or ex smoker

2. Record smoking in pack years (www.smokingpackyears.com)

3. Record Job (Free text)

4. If more than 15 pack years screen with:

microspirometer: Pulmolife or Vitalograph 6

5. If FEV1 < 90% predicted or ratio to FEV6 < 75% (vitalograph only) or patient symptomatic
refer for full spirometry assessment to aid diagnosis



  • Respiratory Disease                                        Screen 68C
  • Pack Years                                                       388B
  • Job                                                                    13JU
  • FEV1                                                                3390
  • FEV1 % Predicted                                          339S


  1. Increase prevalence by opportunistic screening in everyday surgeries &/or search
    patients > 35 smokers or ex-smokers & flag notes with: Need Lung check with
    screener if >15 pack years
  2. Train other Nurses or HCA’s to use screener and record pack years



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